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1.创建Repository    运行命令:    svnadmin create C:Repository    就会创建一个仓库。项目就放在仓库下。    注意:运行命令前这个目录不能存在,否则不能创建。    在仓库下将会生产这些目录:    conf/ dav/ db/ format hooks/ locks/ README.txt conf
 A directory containing repository configuration files dav
 A directory provided to Apache and mod_dav_svn for their private housekeeping data db
 The main Berkeley DB environment, full of DB tables that comprise the data store for Subversion's filesystem (where all of your versioned data resides) format
 A file whose contents are a single integer value that dictates the version number of the repository layout hooks
 A directory full of hook script templates (and hook scripts themselves, once you've installed some) locks
 A directory for Subversion's repository locking data, used for tracking accessors to the repository README.txt
 A file which merely informs its readers that they are looking at a Subversion repositoryhook 是很有用的,因为通过hook,更新代码时,可以触发事件,来帮助我们auto build我们的程序。关于这方面的知识可以参考 《pragmatic project automation》,里面讲得很详细2. 添加项目到svn中    2.1 选择仓库的Layout    通常仓库有两种布局:     a. 以项目分     /        Project1/                trunk/                tags/                branches/        Project2/            trunk/            tags/            branches/       关于什么是trunk,tags,branches我就不解释,查看相关资料,网上有很多。       b.以分支为主     /        trunk/                project1/                project2/        tags/            project1/            project2/       branches/            project1/            project2/具体使用哪种要看实际情况。这里我使用a。 在workspace,创建目录   project       /trunk       /tags       /branch然后进入project 目录    svn import . file:///C:/BillProject/ -m 'init'
    这样,项目就添加成功。    就可以用eclipse来checkout项目了。本文来自[Svn中文网]转发请保留本站地址: